April 25, 2016

Meet Isaac and Nickson, forest detectives

A recent grant from the Michael Uren Foundation has meant we can expand our team on the ground in Peru and Papua New Guinea. In our Orangerie Bay partnership in PNG this means two local Biodiversity Survey Officers.

Isaac Dauge and Nickson Roma

Issac and Nikki - Cool Earth biodiversity survey officers in Papua New Guinea

Isaac and Nickson have just been hired this February as biodiversity survey officers in our Orangerie Bay partnership in Papua New Guinea. They are both community members living in the villages of Gadaisu and Wabumari and they know their local forest inside out. Over the next year they will be looking after the wildlife camera traps and completing biodiversity surveys in their surrounding forest. They will be sending biodiversity monitoring data back to the UK team for analysis throughout the year.

Issac - Cool Earth biodiversity survey officer Papua New Guinea

Although not caught on camera yet, Issac has seen the Southern Crowned Pigeon in the mangrove forest just a few kilometres from Gadasiu village. He called to tell us that he saw two of the giant pigeons fly up from the ground as he approached. Apparently they called loudly and then beat their wings together, which created a loud clapping noise. The scientific literature describes this as being a method to try to deter predators and alert other pigeons in the area of the presence of danger.

This identification of the rare pigeons being so close to the village is fantastic news for the community as it indicates that the forest is healthy and is providing a safe haven for this endangered species. We are looking forward to the first photos from the camera traps, providing solid evidence of its presence, and adding to the sparse knowledge of this rare animal.



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