June 29, 2016

exciting news from orangerie bay

You may remember that last month we celebrated World Environment Day and the biodiversity that forests support.

We showed you some of the wildlife that’s already been recorded by the biodiversity teams in our partnerships.

Now we’ve got an even bigger reason to celebrate, with evidence that the southern crowned pigeon is alive and well in our Orangerie Bay partnership in Papua New Guinea.

The southern crowned pigeon is the world’s rarest pigeon. And it bears little resemblance to the birds you’ll see in cities all over the world. At 28 inches tall it’s one of the heaviest birds, and its amazing crown of feathers marks it out from the crowd. Unfortunately, it marks it out a little too much. Hunting, as well as habitat loss, has resulted in this beautiful bird being listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

However, we now have hope that these birds will thrive once again, because the local community is protecting their forest. And thanks to your support, the future looks bright for these supercharged pigeons.


The southern crowned pigeon shows off its beautiful wings to the camera


We’ve got evidence of pairs living in the forest, which is great news


At night time, the pigeons come out in groups

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