June 29, 2016

Spinning rainforest incomes

In Cool Earth’s Awajún partnership, a women’s jewellery cooperative has been out-pricing forest destruction. Their creations have even been shown on Vivienne Westwood’s catwalk.

Now the AMARNO group want to share their recipe for success with their contemporaries in other partnerships. In the Asháninka partnership, a group of eleven women currently make jewellery from foraged seeds, along with beautiful cotton cushmas (robes) and bags that they’ve spun themselves.

Seeing the success of AMARNO, they are stepping up a gear to form their own artisans cooperative. Soon, the Awajún women will visit and share what they’ve learnt.

“Spiders are natural weavers”

The Asháninka group, led by Micaela Bustamante Sagastizabal, have decided that they will be called ‘Artesanías JETO’. ‘Jeto’ is the Asháninka word for spider. The women consider spiders to be hardworking creatures that create beautiful webs.

Jeto’s plans for 2016

Thanks to your support, Jeto will be soon be spinning their way to sustainable incomes.

This summer, the cooperative will legally register as an artisans association to access new markets and funding.

They’ll source and buy metal fixings to secure the beautiful raw forest materials.

The women will share skills with workshops and training. There’s a huge amount of knowledge about crafts and techniques in the cooperative. But to turn Jeto into a sustainable income source the women need training in pricing, administration, branding, and IT.

The next step for Jeto is a logo. The women have sketched ideas based on traditional patterns and drawings of spiders. Our friends at Venn Creative are turning these ideas into logo options Jeto to choose from.


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