July 21, 2016

Celebrating The UN Day of Indigenous People: Alejandro

Alejandro Maguiña Quintana is a health promoter in Cutivireni and the president of the health committee. He is 54 years old and originally from Huantachiri village.

“I’m a farmer. I help the community with everything and anything they need.

I had to leave the community in 1973 because of the dangers from Shining Path. In Lima I worked in whatever I could. I learnt a lot of things, I worked with wood and built furniture. I also learnt how to bake bread, cook and work in fabrics. I was in Lima for 33 years. I returned when things were calmer in Cutivireni.

Of my 5 siblings, only 3 remained. My oldest brother was killed by the Shining Path.

I went travelling alone. I went to Chile and all along the coast of Peru. I met a doctor and I learnt from him. Because of this the community proposed me as a health promoter. I had more training from the doctors here at the health post. I’ve been a health promoter for five years. The doctors know me they trust me with the patients.

For a lot of the emergency evacuations that Cool Earth has supported, I have been the one that goes with the patients to the hospital. Sometimes you have bad doctors, sometimes good. I know which ones are ok in Satipo.”


August 9th is the International Day of Indigenous People. Thanks to your support, Alejandro and countless others are ensuring a safe future for their forest and their families. Thank you.


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