July 26, 2016

Julian Quispe: Rainforest president to Cool Earth champion

“We need to look after the Forest for those that follow us – children and grandchildren – and teach them to value what we leave them: a forest rich in trees and other resources.”

Julian 1

Julian Quispe is 36. He has two daughters and was previously the president of Cutivireni village in Cool Earth’s Asháninka partnership.

He’s been involved in the partnership since the beginning and has always been a brilliant advocate of our work. He’s honest, kind, and fights for what he believes is good.

Which is why he’s been hired as the local facilitator for the Asháninka Partnership.

He’ll be coordinating, monitoring and supporting all the activities that are funded by Cool Earth. He’ll participate in community meetings and discuss forest conservation and sustainable development with everyone in the partnership.

Visit the Asháninka partnership

“We’re here to share what support Cool Earth gives us for all the communities in the surrounding territory. Cool Earth’s support means we can maintain our forest. Without this coming together we would not have been able to keep our forest standing.”


  • tamtam says:

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