August 8, 2016

Meet the team: Peru

The success of Cool Earth’s model is down to the indigenous villages that work with us to protect their forest. Without them, it just wouldn’t happen.

Today we’re celebrating four people who are essential to the Asháninka and Awajún partnerships in the Peruvian Amazon. Roll over to find out a bit more about them.

Cool Earth's Ashaninkan Cacao Specialist Hugo Chamorro Hugo is full of beans for cacao. Cool Earth’s chocolate wouldn’t be possible without his expert knowledge for producing the finest quality cacao trees. After a busy day training the local growers in sustainable soil improvement, pruning, sowing seeds and all things green, Hugo enjoys helping the community with the important task of testing the latest brew of ‘Masato’, the Asháninka’s traditional tipple. Hugo Chamorro
Cool Earth's Awajun Local Coordinator Josue Morales Finding the right fish-biologist-cacao-expert is never easy. Finding one in a remote corner of Peru who can turn their hand to just about anything is nigh on impossible. So when we came across Josue we knew our Awajún partnership would be in safe hands. With Nazario in the Asháninka, it means we have the best co-ordination teams in Peru. Josue Morales
Cool Earth's Awajun Local Facilitator Efrain Wipio We’re still not sure how we ended up being lucky enough to have Efrain on the team. He manages to juggle full time positions as a teacher at the local school, chairing local indigenous groups, playing in the local sports teams, growing an impressive variety of vegetables and catching giant catfish in the river, all while doing a fantastic job as facilitator for the Awajún partnership. We suspect the secret to his boundless energy is consuming enormous plates of fried bananas and popcorn. Efrain Wipio
Cool Earth's Ashaninka Local Facilitator Adelaida Bustamante holding child Born and bred in Cutivireni, in the heart of the Asháninka partnership, Adelaida is the most capable person we’ve ever met. With medical training in Cuba and an encyclopedic knowledge of the rainforest, she’s sought out by everyone. The arrival of baby Sayumi hasn’t slowed her down and we see her as the next generation of chief. Adelaida Bustamante


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