September 12, 2016

A trip to the Congo

We’re really excited to announce a new Cool Earth collaborator. Vianet D’jenguet is an incredibly talented film-maker and intrepid explorer.


He’s worked on everything from an expose about child labour in the cacao industry in Burkina Faso to a documentary about the healing power of dance in the war-torn Eastern province of the Democratic Republic of Congo.


His latest project, My Congo, was recently on BBC2. You can still catch it on the iPlayer.

Despite being bombarded by requests for work, Vianet has agreed to travel to DRC to film our partnership there. He’ll meet the villages you’re supporting, talk to families about the challenges they face, and document the difference that Cool Earth is making to the forest.

Arranging this trip has not been easy. DRC is an incredibly difficult place to travel. The political situation in the lead-up to the elections is increasingly unstable. Applying for a visa requires ten different documents that all need to be stamped and signed by various departments in the capital, Kinshasa. Luckily we are working with FFI, who have been helping us navigate some of the red tape.

If the visa comes through, the next challenge is the four-day journey to Lubutu. Fuel is tricky to come by and very expensive, and the roads are dangerous. Not only are they remote and unsurfaced, but the threat of violence is never far away.

It’s why our partnership in Lubutu is so important. Despite all the challenges, local people are battling to save their forest. We are determined that they will succeed. And we’re determined to tell their story.


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