September 28, 2016

Legacy giving

School Children circling tree in Cool Earth's PNG Partnership

Leaving a legacy to Cool Earth in your will means we can carry on protecting rainforest well into the future.

If you’d like advice on writing a will, the Law Society can help you find a solicitor in your area. For more information please call 020 7242 1222 or visit

Most gifts left to us are exempt from Inheritance Tax because we are a charity. To find out more about Inheritance Tax, visit HMRC or contact your solicitor.

If you would like to talk to us about leaving a gift to Cool Earth in your will, please call us on 01326 567200 or email [email protected].


  • Hi do you have representative in BC, Canada? I live in Kelowna and interested in your organization. I also really want to go on Mongol Rally and also I am from Ulan-Ude and love Mongolia. we have some forests in Ulan-Ude that people don’t take care of, (near lake Baikal)

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