Baking better incomes

Baking better incomes

I come from a family of skilled bakers. With a microcredit loan from Cool Earth, we built a bakery in Gadaisu village. We buy flour and sugar from Alotau and make rolls, scones and cakes.

Coconut scones are our best-sellers. We sell the produce in Gadaisu market and make 60 – 70 Kina a day. This is enough to feed our families and to pay back the microcredit loan into the community pot. The income means we can buy school books for our children and medicines for when the family is sick.

Sharing the idea

Other villages have seen Joshua’s bakery and want to build their own. With help from Cool Earth Joshua will teach them how to build the oven and set up the business. He might not pass on his secret recipe for coconut scones, though.


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