Healthy Family, healthy rainforest

Healthy Family, healthy rainforest

I left my village to train as a medic so I know how important hygiene is. Our forest is only safe when we are strong and healthy enough to protect it.

Diarrhoea is one of the biggest causes of child deaths in my community but simple things like handwashing can reduce cases of diarrhoea by nearly half.

Tippy taps are simple devices for handwashing that can easily be made by anyone with materials you can find in the forest.

Thanks to Cool Earth’s support I have been able to deliver materials, soap, and training to over 100 families. 

Sharing the idea

Along with a group of women, Adelaida is teaching every family in the Asháninka partnership how to make tippy taps. She’s joining an exchange trip to the Awajún to spread the idea there too.


More Ideas

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