The future of growing

The future of growing

I am a cacao grower in the Awajún. Traditionally, when people die, their food gardens are left empty. We’re using those gardens to grow crops. But with our villages growing we need to grow more food, as well as crops to sell.

We had heard of a technique called ‘Inga’ that allows you to keep land fertile for many years. That means you don’t have to clear more land. Thanks to Cool Earth, we were able to visit the Inga Foundation in Honduras with our Asháninka brothers. Inga is a plant that grows into an alley. The leaves make mulch to keep the soil cool and stop weeds growing. It also keeps the soil fertile. We can use the large branches for firewood. It provides shade for the crops too.


I have already set up my nursery and started growing Inga seedlings. In this way, we’ll be able to grow food for our growing family, without cutting down trees.

Sharing the idea

Marin joined growers from his community and the Asháninka community on a trip to Honduras to visit the Inga foundation. After learning how the technique works, he’s now sharing these skills with his community.



More Ideas

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