December 19, 2016

Celebrating Strong Families

Celebrating Strong Families
2016 Highlights

Forest is only protected when families are strong and healthy enough to defend it. It’s no surprise that health and nutrition are priorities for all our indigenous partners.

“The happiest moment of my life was when I was elected as a partner of the safe birthing programme because this is how I can help other women and children within my community. Cool Earth has helped us with health, cacao and education, and I hope that the health of pregnant women will continue to be supported.”

Gladis Delgadillo Flores,
Tinkareni, Ashaninka, Peru

Celebrating Strong Families

Nutrition in Asháninka

Last year’s work in maternal health care means the babies born this year in our Asháninka partnership are healthier than ever. Great news all round, but extra mouths could put extra pressure on the forest. That’s why our partners have invested in increasing protein crops and sustainable hunting workshops, so a bigger population doesn’t threaten the forest.

Celebrating Strong Families

Food Diaries

We’re improving our monitoring and evaluation of health and nutrition. Our Peru team has been carrying out questionnaires and the community have been filling in food diaries. We know that when communities’ diets improve, so do incomes, so this work is really important.

Celebrating Strong Families

Fish Farms

Fish farms have a double benefit. They provide a sustainable source of protein, as well as an income. Baby fish from nurseries that our partners have built can be sold to neighbouring villages to restock their own ponds. 101 community members are directly involved in cultivating the fish ponds, and the benefits will ripple out to the rest of the community.

Celebrating Strong Families


Fumes from traditional open fires kill more people than aids and malaria combined. 1 Fumes from traditional open fires kill more people than aids and malaria combined. On top of that, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, demand for fuelwood is the biggest pressure on the forest. New energy efficient stoves reduce the need for fuel wood and make for healthier, happier families. No wonder our partners in Lubutu have built more than 80 this year.

Celebrating Strong Families

Celebrating Strong Families

Maternal health workshops

The women trained by Jungle Mamas last year are now back in their communities and training others in vital skills. In places like Oviri, our newest partner village in Peru, preventable diseases like diarrhoea and pneumonia are the biggest killers of children. This network of knowledge sharing will turn these horrible statistics around.

Celebrating Strong Families

Water tanks

Last year droughts devastated rainforest communities in Papua New Guinea. Crops failed and for those few that could afford the fuel, fresh water supplies were shipped in by boat. Thanks to our supporters we could respond quickly with emergency supplies for our partner village in Orangerie bay. But we’ve made sure the community is prepared by installing eight huge water tanks.

Celebrating Strong Families


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