January 6, 2017

Ten good news stories for the planet

Ten good news stories for the planet
2016 wasn’t all bad

It’s easy to look back on last year as a bit of a disaster, but there were lots of good news stories for our planet. We’ve rounded up ten of the best. Here’s to more good news in 2017.


British Columbia protected 85% of one of the world’s largest temperate rainforests, home to the wonderfully named ‘Spirit Bear.’ The Great Bear rainforest is one of the projects dedicated to the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, a global forest initiative led by Cool Earth.

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Norway became the first country in the world to commit to zero deforestation.

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In July, more than 800,000 volunteers in India planted 50 million trees in one day. The country is planning on reforesting 12% of its land.

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CP4JAJ A young child holds his vaccination card at the Nyunzu health center in the town of Nyunzu, Katanga province, DRC

The World Health Organisation released a report showing that, since the year 2000, global malaria deaths have declined by 60%. In Cool Earth’s Asháninka partnership, cases of Malaria have reduced by half thanks to the community investing in nets and better access to healthcare.

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At this year’s CITES conference, 183 countries agreed to the strongest protections ever for endangered animals, with big wins for parrots, rhinos, porpoises, rays and elephants. Cool Earth’s rainforest partnerships are sheltering many rare species including spectacled bears in Peru and giant Southern Crowned pigeons in Papua New Guinea.

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A new study from the world’s leading health journal reported that the number of women dying from pregnancy and childbirth has almost halved since 1990. Our partners in Peru have invested in maternal health training creating stronger, healthier communities able to defend their forest.

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Global carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels did not grow at all in 2016. It’s the third year in a row emissions have flatlined. Alongside protecting the world’s forest carbon stores, it’s great news for keeping the earth cool.

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93% of children around the world learned to read and write this year. That’s the highest proportion in human history. And the gender gap between girls and boys in school narrowed in 2016 too. Education is one of the key investments for Cool Earth’s rainforest partners, teaching the rainforest defenders of the future and keeping young people in the community.

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Thanks to rapid technological innovation and political support from around the world, renewables now account for more newly installed capacity than any other form of electricity in the world, including coal.

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The Paris Agreement became the fastest and largest United Nations treaty to go from agreement to international law in modern history. A massive win for the planet.

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