March 31, 2017

Chocolate is good for your health

It may seem odd to focus on chocolate for World Health Day, but scientific evidence reveals that chocolate is actually good for your health.

Dark chocolate contains minerals like magnesium, potassium and zinc, which coax feel-good endorphins to the front of your consciousness. It’s also rather delicious to taste.


And, for the Asháninka, cacao means income generation, a safe environment and healthy families. Here’s why…

Making Chocolate with The Asháninka from Cool Earth on Vimeo.

Home to the highly valued criollo cacao bean, the Ene Valley in Peru is also where our Asháninka partners are cultivating cacao. Large rainforest trees shade the cacao crop so it can flourish. No trees mean no cacao.

Across eight villages, 84% of Ashaninka rely on cacao as a major source of income. With their own cooperative, our partners are selling their highest quality beans to the UK and their hybrid cacao to the local market, this ensures the crop out prices any offer from loggers. growers ensure every bean has a value, that takes them a step closer to an income higher than any logging company could ever pay. Money earned is often reinvested to strengthen communities by equipping schools and clinics.

So, as well as being good for you, chocolate improves rainforest health and protects our Asháninka partners.

Buy a Chocolarder chocolate bar, made from Asháninika cacao here


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