International Day of Forests

Rainforests stretch a vast canopy of green over one third of the planet. They are home to 80% of the world’s terrestrial species of animals, insects and plants and there are around 33 million people who know the rainforest as home. It is essential that the rainforest stays that way.

International Day of Forests
"The forest is our resources which belong to all community members. It is the legacy we leave to future generations. It will always be needed for all the people who live from the forest." - Cesar Bustamante, Cutivireni

Deforestation is a key factor to the incremental problem of climate change. Rainforest trees and roots store millions of tons of carbon which is released into the atmosphere in the process of deforestation. This is happening at an alarming rate.

But Cool Earth believes it’s not too late to save the rainforest. In our partnerships, there has been a rate of only 0.51% forest loss compared to 28% in the surrounding areas. A great figure, that promises more great things to come.

The rainforest is only protected when those who live there are strong. And that’s why we’re celebrating International Day of Forests by connecting you with the people from our partnerships. We want to show you what the rainforest means to them.

“In the forest we live without contamination. We have alternative crops, the water is clean, we drink it, we don’t use nails we use plants. The forest is our drugstore, warehouse and market. That’s why Cool Earth promotes a healthy life” – Alfredo Jempes, Community Member, Kayants

Rainforests aren’t just a source for livelihoods however, they also create their own weather. More than 50% of the precipitation that hits a rainforest is returned to the atmosphere through the water cycle and falls again as rain. The vast amount of vegetation in a rainforest prevents too much water from entering rivers and streams, thus reducing erosion and preventing flooding. In the recent El Niño floods that have hit Peru, our partner communities have been hit hard, but not as hard as the towns and villages without trees to protect them.

So now you know why our rainforest partners are more determined to protect their rainforest than ever.

International Day of Forests
"The children are beginning to understand now what's so important about the forest. That's where the birds and animals live. In the future they will raise awareness and keep the forest just as it is.” Thomas Damaina, Community Member, Wabumari

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