March 25, 2017

Number one Mums

Being a single mother anywhere in the world can be as tricky as it is rewarding.  But when you factor in the daily challenges faced in our rainforest partnerships, such as increasing El Niño, lack of fresh water and basic resources, you realise just how much of a challenge single motherhood can be.

But this Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating two of the strong, single mothers in our PNG partnership. Who are not only mothers, but are vital members of a strong and thriving community.

Meet Alusi. Alusi is a single mother with seven children. She works as a community leader, church leader, and she’s a chair lady for the women’s fellowship group. She is also on the Cool Earth committee. For Alusi, the rainforest is a sanctuary as much as it is her home. It provides much of the sustenance she and her family need to live well.

“You can stay in the forest to refresh your mind, like if I am sad or tired or something like that I’ll go to the rainforest and when bird sings or any noise, I’ll refresh my mind. So my rainforest is important to me.”

This is Maiklyn Dauge of Gadaisu village. Maiklyn is a great cook and makes a mean chicken curry and crab soup. Being a single mother of four, Maiklyn spends the majority of her spare time with her children fishing or playing in the sea. She often helps out at the local church. Maiklyn’s makes sure her children sleep with mosquito nets, unlike many other members of the community, lowering their risk of malaria.

Despite having little money, Maiklyn is resourceful and works at community gardens so that she can contribute to the village and feed her four children with the food she harvests.

Happy Mothers Day to all of the women in our partnerships, who inspire us every day.

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