April 15, 2017

Happy Easter To Rainforest Families

Easter may be an odd pin-up day for rainforest awareness, but for most, it means time spent with family. Something that chimes with all of the Cool Earth rainforest partners.

When populations dwindle due to disease from lack of sanitation, access to hospitals is limited and trees used for their medicinal properties are being lost to loggers and plantations, keeping families together becomes more important than ever.

That’s why Cool Earth is celebrating families this Easter. Investing in our partnerships mean that families can be strong for generations to come. Together, they can protect the rainforest.

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  • Ane Solstuen says:

    I’m interested in effective altruism, and I’d love for my town’s administration to switch from our normal UN certified energy quota purchases (which cost about 15 GBP pr. tonne, I hear) to donations to Cool Earth. I don’t know a lot about that sort of certifications and know that everything we do have to be very well documented – but I’m hoping you can tell me something about Cool Earth that helps me present the case to our environmental advisor, something that makes her want to present it and get it approved by the city council. It’s a small town and it’s a long shot, but it would hopefully mean around 10 000 GBP a year better spent.

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