April 7, 2017

From Peru to Cornwall – Chris Kuahara’s Visit

Chris is our project manager in Peru, she’s got her ear to the ground and her eyes on the prize; to keep the forest standing through the people who know it best, indigenous rainforest communities. As Peru is home to our two largest partnerships, having a key member of the team regularly working in the field has enabled Cool Earth to strengthen and tweak it’s model to be more effective than ever before. Chris is very much involved in the communities as a colleague and a friend. Not only that, her CV is stacked with experience, so you can imagine how excited we were when she finally found the time in her busy schedule to visit us in Cornwall.

Before the meetings commenced, knowledge shared, and the future plan for Cool Earth discussed at great length, we made time for Chris to experience some local culture, the Cornish pasty – a far cry from Chris’s usual ceviche lunches in Lima and roasted caterpillar dinners in the rainforest!

By the end of the trip, everyone felt enthused and excited about all the programme plans and the upcoming trips to Peru. Before she dashed off back to Lima, we asked her a few questions about her visit to Cornwall and how it has enhanced her role within Cool Earth.  Here’s what she said:

From Peru to Cornwall - Chris Kuahara's Visit
For me, the rainforest means life.

Can you sum up the reason for your trip to Cornwall?

This is difficult to sum up. I came to the Cool Earth’s UK office to get a better understanding of how things work here. I usually have my head in admin and management tasks so fundraising work is not something I see very often. I am starting to understand what the fundraising team needs from Peru in order raise money or explain to donors what is really happening in the partnerships.

Also, it makes a huge difference being able to participate and collaborate with important things such as Cool Earth’s Toolbox and the “exit” plan. Going through the accounts, codes and declarations of the Peru project are much easier to talk about in person.

What has been the highlight of your visit to Cornwall?

Discussing Cool Earth’s Toolbox

What key information will you be taking back to Peru?

Cool Earth’s plans and vision.

Three words that sum up your visit to Cornwall:

Surreal, productive and polite

What is your role at CE?

Peru Project Manager, basically it’s to make sure that Cool Earth works properly/formally/legally in Peru and that we deliver the best we can to the communities and the rainforest

What is your biggest challenge at Cool Earth?

Multicultural sync

What is your best rainforest fact?

A bullet ant bite sting can hurt for 20 hours!!!


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