May 31, 2017

Cool Earth and Conservation Optimism

Positive and conservation are two words rarely seen together of late. Good news scarcely features in the headlines and an overwhelming negativity is dominating the conservation world.

Last month, the Cool Earth team went to Conservation and Earth Optimism summits across the UK.

The growing, global ‘Optimism’ movement is all about sharing the positive side of the story, flipping negative messages on their head; showing the world that, although there is still a long way to go, there are plenty of good things going on to help improve the environment.

Five ways Cool Earth are making positive change

Cool Earth and Conservation Optimism

1. Creating Solutions

So much of conservation has been focused on the negative, one of loss and problems. Our aim at Cool Earth is to provide hope and solutions. We do this by working with indigenous tribes to develop sustainable solutions to stop deforestation. Check out our projects to find out more about our latest work.

Cool Earth and Conservation Optimism

2. Engaging Youth

We believe creating strong, sustainable communities are key to keeping the rainforest safe. This means making sure we engage with local young people, helping them gain the knowledge, skills and opportunities required to keep the rainforest standing.

Cool Earth and Conservation Optimism

3. Focusing on what works

Each local community has their own knowledge and skill set about how to get the best out of the rainforest. We support these communities to share their successes and knowledge between one another.

Cool Earth and Conservation Optimism

4. Building networks

Not only do we help communities share their own knowledge, we help diversify their skill set too. Giving people the opportunity to directly collaborate with relevant experts and take part in training courses builds community capacity from the bottom up.

Cool Earth and Conservation Optimism

5. Positive over negative

Messages focused on fear, shame or guilt often generate an emotional backlash. That's why Cool Earth wants to focus on the positives in each partnership.

Cool Earth and Conservation Optimism
“We have to stop saying that young people are the hope of the future, if we give young people the right skills and the right opportunities, they can be the leaders of today.” Anna Oposa


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