July 7, 2017

Grauer’s Gorilla Update

Saving more than the rainforest in the Lubutu partnership.

Last year we brought you news from the Congo that the world’s largest ape, the Grauer’s gorilla, is on the edge of extinction.


Numbers of these incredible creatures have dropped dramatically since 1994, with a recent study reporting that there has been a 77% decrease in their population.

For centuries these gorillas have lived alongside the local communities but the unsustainable use of fuelwood has pushed these apes to the brink of extinction. Alongside habitat loss through illegal logging, mining and civil unrest, these creatures are also being poached for bushmeat.

However, in the Lubutu partnership, the community is working round the clock to change this.

Cool Earth has been working with the local communities in Lubutu to tackle issues head on. Forest Watch Teams have been monitoring the gorilla, amongst other rare wildlife including Okapi. The team, now undertaking over 600 patrols annually, have found over 20 gorilla families.

And, thanks to your donations we’ve been able to provide new stoves to the community, meaning the forest is no longer being diminished for firewood. We’ve also been working with the communities to set up cooperatives and new trade so that gorilla bushmeat will become a thing of the past.

Grauer's Gorilla Update

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