July 5, 2017

Sustainable Rainforest Communites in Lubutu

At Cool Earth, we work with indigenous communities to help them create sustainable incomes. This improves livelihoods by alleviating poverty, providing basic necessities and by putting people in a position to be able to stand up to loggers and protect their forest.

Since 2007 we’ve been working within Peru to do just that. In the Asháninka community, production of cacao and coffee beans has allowed the community to thrive by bringing in a steady source of income.

Women’s artisan groups, such as Jeto in the Asháninka and AMARNO in the Awajún communities also utilise rainforest resources such as seeds to create sustainable incomes. You can even contribute to these incomes yourself by visiting our shop.

Through income generation, communities no longer need to accept lucrative deals from loggers. This makes them stronger and keeps the forests standing so everyone’s a winner!

Livelihoods have also been improved through the installation of tippy taps in the Asháninka community, where over 100 families have been trained to wash their hands and improve hygiene. This reduces the spread of diseases and improves health in the community overall.

Our next challenge is to implement similar plans in rainforest communities of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in Lubutu. We’ve already started working with communities here by creating fuel efficient stoves, reducing the need for fuelwood and improving health by funnelling smoke out of village homes. We’re also investing in health posts and education, creating more resilient communities who will no longer need to sell their land.

By creating long-term sustainable projects, communities the Democratic Republic of the Congo have gained better standards of living which will last a lifetime.

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