September 4, 2017

Chicken farms in Oviri

Whether it’s selling trees to buy food at the local market or clearing forest to grow more crops, hunger puts serious pressure on communities and their surrounding rainforest.

That’s why Cool Earth is working closely with local technicians to end malnutrition in some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. As part of the development of an impressive nutrition programme, two families in Oviri have received funding to tackle just that.

This spring, the Oviri association awarded community funding to start chicken farming. Funding provided a coop, maize to grow for chicken feed, chickens to populate the farm, and training to look after them.

If the project goes well, the plan is to invest in more chickens so more families can benefit from the protein and nutrition chicken and eggs provide.

Chicken farms in Oviri
"I am very happy with my chickens. We're just waiting for the maize to grow"

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  • Anna Zalex says:

    It is so difficult for me. I am an Environmentalist but a Vegan as well. I understand your strategy is to support the communities, and clearly people there (as in the rest of the world, for now) see animals (specially chickens) as commodities, as tools to avoid malnutrition… But oh my god. I wish they would see them differently. I live in a poor country, Lithuania. But I still manage to eat healthy on a fully plant based diet. I wish you would support them to grow their food, and not “grow” animals… They sentient and their life worth NOT less then a humans… even if most people think their life worth more. I cannot donate to you. I will find an other organization who protects the rain-forest but without supporting the exploitation of animals. I am sorry. I am so sorry for those wonderful chickens… One of them even looks like my wonderful friend Sisi (a saved chicken form a farm).

    • Elizabeth Smith says:

      Hi Anna,
      Thank you for your comment, we really respect your choices, and even have a few vegans amongst us. The Ashaninka are an amazing community who have such a strong spiritual connection with the forest, and all of the animals within it.
      Unfortunately, malnutrition and infant mortality in the community is common, largely due to the difficulty in growing a diverse array of fruit and vegetables year round. We have worked hard over the past decade to improve the nutrition available to the community, through diversifying the food and crops available to them. It’s unfortunately not possible in their environment to grow all the proteins needed, year round, to maintain a healthy vegan diet. A lack of access to alternative protein sources such as beans, means that chickens raised in a free range environment is the best solution. It is vital that the Ashaninka are healthy and happy, so that they can protect the forest, and the animals within, from loggers.

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