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Daisy Halaba

Local Coordinator, Wabumari Community, PNG

From managing the local female football team, to being a mum of four, a photographer and Cool Earth Local Facilitator, no one understands how a community works quite like Daisy Halaba.

Being a Wabumari local, Daisy’s knowledge of the community is unparalleled. Her work has been instrumental in making the Wabumari partnership a resounding success. When she isn’t running the show in PNG, you’ll find Daisy baking up a storm.

What’s your name and where’d you come from?

Hi, my name is Daisy Halaba. I’m 43 years old and I am from Wabumari community.

Describe your typical day…

My typical day includes waking up, getting my kids ready for school, check my emails or Facebook account to see if there are messages from Sarah or any Cool Earth Team.

During my typical days, I call Basil, who is our Project Officer, to follow up on the current water tank project plus check on Nicky, the community or committee to see if there are any rising matters I need to attend to.

What challenges do you face?

A lot of challenges I’m faced with working with the community:

  • Explaining to people individually on the importance of biodiversity and forest conservation
  • Continuously speaking with the committee on the importance of managing their resources and their finances in a transparent manner
  • Building a good relationship between the community the committee and myself
  • I’ve also discovered that a good relationship builds a very good and corporative community

I am still learning a lot of new things, I hope to improve as we go along.

How has Cool Earth helped your community?

Since PNG gained its independence in 1975 we have never seen services from our government to the community, the birth of Cool Earth in Wabumari has brought in income for the community, we’ve been given water tanks to seven villages, one donated to the school, alongside a chainsaw, and generator and I know many more things will come as we continue.

But, most importantly we (the community) are so privileged and fortunate that Cool Earth is educating and helping us to protect and preserve our rainforest and its inhabitants for our benefit and our children, Thank you so much Cool Earth!

Does climate change affect Wabumari?

Protecting our rainforest should be our first priority in stopping global warming and climate change.

In PNG especially, we heavily rely on the rainforest for food, fuel, water and income. The rainforest also has helps us improve our way of living and provides good clean air.

What advice would you give to anyone trying to DO?

The advice I give to my children: the forest is our lifeline, if you destroy the rainforest and its inhabitants then you, your children and your grandchildren will have no food, clean water, shelter, fuel and cannot make extra money support your family.

Please protect and preserve your rainforest and its inhabitants then you will enjoy and live a long life on earth.

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