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Dr Tony Juniper CBE is a campaigner, writer and environmentalist. Arguably one of the top environmental figures of the last 30 years, Tony has penned a number of influential tomes including ‘What Has Nature Ever Done for Us’and ‘Spix’s Macaw – The Race to Save the World’s rarest bird.’

Tony’s career is decorated with a host of environmental achievements, from leading a programme with Birdlife International preventing the extinction of critically endangered parrots, to contributing to legislation protecting the UK’s finest wildlife habitats. He truly is one of the most effective ‘doers’ Cool Earth has had the pleasure of working with.

Luckily for Cool Earth, he’s recently been using his authorial prowess for the good of the rainforest. Tony visited the Asháninka earlier this year with some of the Cool Earth team in the name of research for his yet-to-be-released ‘Rainforest’, a book that charts Tony’s own experiences at the frontline of the fight against deforestation.

What’s your name?

Dr Tony Juniper CBE

Describe your typical day…

There is no typical day, but every day is concerned with avoiding the ecological catastrophe that threatens life on Earth.

What made you want to work with Cool Earth?

The fact that it is concerned with what seems to be the most effective approach to conserving the tropical rainforests – namely the empowerment of the traditional inhabitants of such systems, the people who have a mindset that appreciates the full value of such incredible systems.

What are you doing to help save the rainforest and prevent climate change?

I write books, raise awareness, advise major businesses, support the work of HRH The Prince of Wales on this subject, engage with decision makers via the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and help different environmental groups.

What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking about doing something to protect the rainforest?

Just do it. You’ll soon work out how you can best contribute to what is one of the most important priorities for humankind in the 21st century. Find a group doing good work that you can help, if you are in a company encourage a review of policies. Read more and share what you learn.

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