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Fish saves panther
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Fish saves panther
Fish saves panther
Fish saves panther
Fish saves panther
Fish saves panther
Fish saves panther

November 27, 2017

Fish saves panther

Sometimes it’s the smallest and strangest things that have the biggest impact.

What’s that got to do with the price of fish?

Flash flooding caused by increasing severe El Niño seasons can lead to treacherous waters, especially worrying considering more children drown in water every year than from malaria. With muddy floodwaters, chemicals, and soil runoff from deforestation all polluting the rivers, natural fish stocks were floundering.

Enter partnership fish ponds. When Cool Earth joined forces with the Awajún, the communities first priority was to provide a sustainable source of protein for their families. Coming up with a bright idea that would feed families, the fish farms are now so productive they are also providing a source of sustainable income, and feeding school children.

When communities are able to rely on diverse, sustainable incomes they are more resilient to loggers, the land is kept for the community and trees are left standing. Intact forest means secure habitat for our friends the panther and spectacled bear. 

They’re thanking the fish this Christmas, we’re thanking you.  


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