November 8, 2017

Last year the world made some strange decisions…

You made a very smart one.

Amidst the world’s bizarre choices, you wonderful people have made an excellent one.

This time last year, your support for Cool Earth and our rainforest partners did more to tackle climate change than we thought possible. Maybe you were fired up to make a difference about climate change or just spotted how to make an immediate impact.

Either way, your support is helping Cool Earth protect more rainforest than ever. Thank you.

And, that’s not the best bit. You’ve helped lock in 234,436,540 tonnes of C02, improved the lives of over 5000 people and kept over 200 million trees standing.

Climate Change will affect us all.

And it is those who are less able to adapt to the catastrophic impacts who will be hit the hardest. Despite producing minimal emissions, rainforest communities feel the effects of climate more than most.

We can make a difference by protecting the rainforest. It is vital that we keep trees standing.

So now what?

We have to keep on thinking positively and collectively.

If you read a scary end-of-the-world article about CO2 emissions and your cat is bored of your ‘we need to do something right now rant’, send it our way. We’ll listen and channel your fury into our work.

If you want to get a mildly passive-aggressive gift for your climate change denying uncle, click here and get him a tree.

At Cool Earth, we want to get the message out there, amidst the ‘fake news’ and ‘even faker news’, that there is a lot of good being done. You’re all being amazing. Together we’ve saved almost a million acres of rainforest from loggers and oil palm companies. We’ve improved nutrition, protected wildlife and diversified income streams from Peru to Papua New Guinea.


It’s down to you, the clever lot. The ones that have supported the work of Cool Earth with your time and money.

At the risk of sounding like a motivational fridge magnet, positivity really does overcome negativity. Lots of optimistic, constructive actions, choices and donations all add up to something brilliant.

We know you are still there and still incensed to make a difference. We’re still here and Cool Earth’s still the most effective way to keep trees standing.


Let’s spread the word that there is so much more that we can do.


Last year the world made some strange decisions...
Let's keep making a difference.

Donate Again.

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