November 6, 2017

Saulea Skeepers

Rainforest 1, Climate Change 0

Love it or loathe it, there is no denying that the big game has had a huge impact on lives around the globe.

In Cool Earth’s partnerships it’s no different. With your help, we’ve kitted out Wabumari’s football team in a shiny new strip, they’re the talk of the tournament and are spreading the Cool Earth word as a result.


Forget the golf course, this has been the most effective and fun way of spreading the Cool Earth word locally and will help in forming new partnerships.

The Saulea Skeepers take their name from the original name of beautiful Wabumari Bay, and the team even designed their own logo for the new kit. With two competition shields under the Skeepers’ belt already, we are excited to see them progress and the Cool Earth word spread to new villages.


The impact that the Skeepers are having is felt community-wide. Bringing spectators and players to Wabumari from neighbouring communities has given a welcome boost to business, with STALIE, Wabumari’s sewing cooperative selling more clothes than ever before.


Saulea Skeepers


Football tournaments are a brilliant way of bringing people together in our Peru partnerships too. There may not be goalposts, strips, or even football boots, but entire communities will turn up. And invariably conversation turns to trees, school and Cool Earth.




Now that’s what we call a good score.


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