November 30, 2017

Thank Goodness for Mangroves

Thank Goodness for Mangroves

Thank Goodness for Mangroves

When rainforests meet the sea, mangrove habitats emerge, combining the biodiversity of inland rainforests with the ability to cope with salt-water and cyclones.

There are over a hundred mangrove species that surround a quarter of the world’s tropical coastlines. Their unique root systems and tidal location mean they act as nurseries to reef and ocean fish and provide unrivalled coastal defences. They also sequester huge amounts of carbon -up to five times more carbon per hectare than other types of tropical forest- in the silt they trap and play a critical role in both green (land) and blue (marine) carbon cycles.

Once regarded as worthless sea-scrub, these characteristics make the protection of this rainforest biome as important as that of the Amazon. Cool Earth’s partnerships in Papua New Guinea does just that, working alongside communities to resist the advance of palm plantations along the coastlines of Milne Bay Province.

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Thank Goodness for Mangroves


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