March 29, 2018

Community Rangers in Lubutu

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) has been working in the Democratic Republic of Congo to conserve the incredibly rare Grauer’s gorillas since 2012.

Cool Earth is lucky to have them as project partners in Lubutu. The FFI team has been working closely with community members and using the most up to date technology to record both animal and human activity.

With FFI’s support, the Lubutu partnership has launched a bio-monitoring patrol aimed at protecting the incredibly rare gorilla in the area. 24 community rangers have been recruited, equipped and trained.

The presence of large mammals in rainforests has a direct link to the amount of carbon they can store. That’s why monitoring these magnificent animals is a key indicator of the success of Cool Earth’s model in the Congo.

The main threats to the gorillas are hunting for bushmeat and habitat loss. The Lubutu community is united to protect this species and their habitat, and the good news is that all twenty-two gorilla families being monitored in the local area are still healthy and thriving.

Lubutu village

But the patrols discovered worrying signs that their future is not certain. Six active hunting camps and one active mining camp has been discovered in patrol areas, and there are still areas of the reserves that the patrols haven’t reached. The patrol teams destroy all abandoned camps they encounter and dismantle and destroy all snares they find. In the fight to protect the future of Grauer’s gorilla and the rainforest, community rangers are playing a vital role.


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