March 29, 2018

Mining camps found in D.R. Congo

During recent patrols, community rangers in Cool Earth’s Lubutu partnership discovered one active and several abandoned mining camps.

Global demand for rare minerals is leading to increases in deforestation and degradation right across Central Africa. Copper, gold, diamonds, cobalt, uranium, and coltan are just some of the minerals found beneath the soil in the Congo Basin. Their presence makes the area irresistible to illegal miners.

To tackle this forest loss, Cool Earth teamed up with Flora and Fauna International (FFI) to work with local people in Lubutu, one of the most remote areas in the DRC, to protect their most precious resource.

Lubutu Village

With Cool Earth funds, FFI have trained a group of forest watch rangers. As well as monitoring biodiversity and forest health, they’ve been able to keep track of mining activity and take action if they find evidence of it.

The discovery of the mines is a major concern for the rangers, who are working harder than ever to tackle forest degradation in their community reserves. On this occasion, the rangers were able to dismantle the mining camps and make the areas safe.

Congo Rainforest

Working closely with the community to reduce these kinds of threats to the forest is proving to be effective. With your support, we can train more forest rangers and keep mining out of the Lubutu rainforest.


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