From one local community to another

Every one of us relies on the rainforest.

Every fifth breath we take comes from rainforest that covers less than three percent of the Earth’s surface. It is our world’s most precious resource and protecting it is essential for everyone, everywhere.

That’s why Cool Earth is proud to announce its fantastic new partnership with the UK based People’s Postcode Lottery (PPL). The three year grant will scale up Cool Earth’s work around the globe.

The £300,000 of funding will go towards Cool Earth’s rainforest-saving partnerships with local people. Like Milne Bay in Papua New Guinea, where palm oil is one of the biggest threats to the rainforest.

Rainforest community Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a country of incredible diversity with nearly a thousand languages spoken. The country is home to the world’s third-largest rainforest, sheltering more undiscovered species than anywhere on earth. It is also poised on the brink of disaster. Once replaced with a palm plantation, there is no chance for the forest.

The players of the People’s Postcode Lottery have raised nearly £300 million for good causes. Cool Earth is excited to have the support of the players, which will go towards building livelihoods that outprice forest destruction and transform vulnerable communities on the arc of deforestation into robust defenders of the forest.

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Peoples Postcode Lottery

From one local community to another
"People's Postcode Lottery are the sort of funders that NGOs dream of.

Smart, innovative and willing to invest in risk; they make Cool Earth a better charity. It’s thanks to players of People’s Postcode Lottery that we can continue to protect precious rainforest in Amazonia, the Congo Basin and Oceania and work closely with local communities to save lives and trees.” 

    – Cool Earth Director, Matthew Owen


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