May 9, 2018

Celebrating Rainforest Moms

Whether it’s the spirit of the forest or individuals who nurture and encourage in the community, we want to celebrate the mothers who make the rainforest a better place.

From Peru to Papua New Guinea, mothers are not only raising the rainforest protectors of the future but leading community associations and championing nutrition programmes. They are the glue that holds our work together.

In Peru, as central members of strong and thriving communities, mothers are ensuring indigenous and rainforest culture goes hand in hand with building better lives for everyone.

Leading the way with health and nutrition programmes is no mean feat, but healthy families are the key to a community that’s strong enough to defend their forest.

In Papua New Guinea, mothers are building livelihoods, ensuring a secure financial future for their children, without having to sell trees to loggers. The STALIE sewing group has grown from casual craft group to an artisans cooperative that’s leading the way in our Orangerie Bay partnership. By supporting Cool Earth this Mother’s Day, you will be helping rainforest communities develop cooperatives to create sustainable, diverse incomes that remove the need to sell trees. 

Celebrating Rainforest Moms

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