July 13, 2018

Pollada: Do it at work

Are you and your team making the most of the best weather a summer has seen since ‘76?
Cool Earth has the answer to making sure you do.

In Peru, if you need cash in a crisis, you invite your friends round for chicken and beer. They come armed with money and their best moves.

Peruvians call it Pollada. We call it a great way to save rainforest.

Whether it’s a one-off event, or part of a longer-term business partnership with Cool Earth, a Pollada is a brilliant way to get your team together this summer. The most enjoyable way to raise money to halt deforestation, support rainforest communities and enjoy yourselves too.

A sponsored swim or cake sale just wasn’t going to cut it in this weather. After hearing about this feel-good fundraising tradition from the team in Peru, the answer was there. Cool Earth’s business partners and individual supporters have already been channeling their inner Peruvian and hosting parties that save rainforest. A Pollada can take place at the office, canteen or nearest outside space. It’s a party for anywhere and anytime.

Office Get Together


Pollada: Do it at work Pollada: Do it at work Canteen food

What’s more, if your team Pollada raises over £500 for Cool Earth, you can become a Cool Earth Business Sponsor. This means you can display the supporter logo on your website, and you’ll get monthly content to use on your social channels, as well as quarterly updates about the work you’re helping to achieve. Fill in the form here to register your interest. Make sure you let us know when you’re planning to hold your event, so we can get bunting in the post while you chill the beers.

So before everyone’s out-of-offices are firing away and inciting envy left right and centre, get the team together for a forest saving fiesta. Whether its a BBQ lunch or an evening ‘do’ for 500, your Pollada will help Cool Earth partner with local people around the world to save critically endangered rainforest.


It’s Pollada Time


Our Pollada was great fun!

Our Pollada was great fun!

We’re hoping to organize another one soon. Along with eating chicken and drinking beer, we held an auction at our Pollada. We auctioned off items donated by the talented people in our agency; from helicopter rides, to lunch at Soho house. We raised over £1,000 which we’re incredibly proud of.

Sophia Lane, St Luke’s


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