Meet Gellie: Cool Earth’s climate champion.

Meet Gellie: Cool Earth’s climate champion.

As Cool Earth’s Project Manager in Papua New Guinea, she’s passionate about protecting her home’s carbon rich rainforest from palm oil plantations.

Gellie: Cool Earth's Climate Change Champion | Christmas campaign 2018

The impacts of climate change are staring us in the face. Tropical rainforest is the hero waiting in the wings: a readymade answer to mitigating the world’s rocketing carbon emissions.

Clearing rainforest to make way for palm oil has a double impact on the climate. Palm oil plantations contain 90% less carbon than mature forest. And when the forest is destroyed, vast quantities of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere.

Cool Earth’s partners in Milne Bay on the south-east coast of Papua New Guinea are guardians of a unique ecosystem of pristine forest, mangroves, and peat-rich soil. They are working closely with Gellie, creating an education programme and developing sustainable livelihoods that outprice offers from palm oil plantations.

“We cannot do conservation without education. Education is the vital ingredient in every conservation programme.”

– Cool Earth’s PNG Project Manager, Gellie Akui

According to the recently published IPCC report, if the global temperature rises by 1.5°C, humans will face an uncertain future. To slow the destruction, we have to protect carbon rich rainforest. With the help of climate champions like Gellie, Cool Earth’s ground-up approach keeps trees in the soil, carbon locked in and empowers local people.

Girl in Cool Earth's Rainforest partnership in Papua New Guinea on the palm oil frontier | Christmas 2018

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From the depths of the Peruvian Amazon to Papua New Guinea and the forests of the Congo basin, you can help protect the world’s most effective carbon store.

Thanks to two incredibly generous donors, your donations to Cool Earth from now until the end of year will be matched. Pound for pound. Dollar for dollar. Meaning you can have twice the impact in 2019. If you want to champion the rainforest, now is the time to act.

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