Meet Huber: logger turned tree champion.

Meet Huber: logger turned tree champion.

Originally from the Peruvian Andes, Huber arrived in the Rio Ene valley as a young man. With no money, and running out of options, Huber joined a logging gang.

Huber: Cool Earth's Tree Champion | Christmas 2018

The impact of deforestation spreads far beyond the local area. Rainforest trees are vital for the world’s water cycle, home to millions of species and help to cool the planet.

Thankfully, not long into his logging career, Huber met Micaela Bustamante, daughter of the then chief of Cutivireni village. He fell in love, with Micaela and with the forest that her family were protecting alongside Cool Earth. These days you’ll find him raising their two children, campaigning to keep trees standing, and chairing the Asháninka conservation group. He’s even been known to confiscate chainsaws from logging gangs.

Alongside Cool Earth’s rainforest partners around the globe, Huber is helping to keep over 200,000,000 carbon-storing, oxygen-releasing, air-cleaning, income-supporting, habitat-providing trees standing. Huber’s journey from a logger to community activist makes him the most powerful advocate we could hope for.

Huber, Cool Earth's Tree Champion with his children in the Peruvian Amazon | Charity Christmas campaign 2018

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From the depths of the Peruvian Amazon to Papua New Guinea and the forests of the Congo Basin, you can help people like Huber keep their trees standing.

Thanks to two incredibly generous donors, your donations to Cool Earth from now until the end of year will be matched. Pound for pound. Dollar for dollar. Meaning you can have twice the impact in 2019. If you want to champion the rainforest, now is the time to act.

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