Do you love rainforest? Shout it from the treetops

You can’t see it, but you know it’s there.

It’s the reason we exist.

It makes the world go round



Nope. Rainforest.


Every 5th breath we take. The heart of the water cycle. Home to 10 million species of plants. The rainforest makes the world go round and Cool Earth thinks that’s worth shouting about.


From stabilising the ice at the poles to creating rain for crops worldwide, the rainforest should hold a special place in our hearts. But we can’t help feeling it’s been a bit neglected lately. Absence fans the flames of love but the absence of trees just fans the flames of the fires that have torn through nine million acres of forest already in 2019.

So what can rainforest lovers do? Show belief in rainforest communities.

Local people are the most effective forest custodians there are. 300 billion tonnes of the world’s carbon is managed by indigenous people. But they can’t fight deforestation alone. The 350 million people that live in the world’s rainforests need you to shout your love from the treetops and to remind the world how important the forest is. For all of us.

By putting rainforest communities first, and learning from local knowledge and traditional skills built up over generations, we can keep trees standing. Indigenous rights are being quashed along with natural resources all over the world. From Brazil to Cambodia people are being forced from the homes they love.



Cool Earth works to create alternative incomes and helps create choice, giving local communities a louder voice to stand up for their rainforest.

This Valentine’s Day, post a photo and #shoutitfromthetreetops. From a picture of your favourite tree to hug to your top 3 reasons you are taking action, there are lots of ways you can share the love.


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