March 12, 2019

Finley’s Forest | In honour of Finley Broaddus, March 12 2019

It often takes one exceptional and driven individual with a vision of a better world to spur collective action. One such person is Finley – Cool Earth’s most inspirational fundraiser. Her foresight of a sustainable and greener future has led to something special: Finley’s Forest.

Elizabeth Finley Broaddus, 18, was a student at Highland School, USA, whose plans to study environmental policy were interrupted by the news that she had a rare form of cancer. Finley’s forest began with Finley’s desire that people plant a tree rather than send gifts to the hospital where she battled Cholangiocarcinoma.

As she battled the incurable disease, she set up Finley’s Green Leap Forward in February 2014 to “support local and global efforts that have a positive impact on the environment, moving us forward towards a healthy, sustainable planet.”

Finley’s Fight with cancer unfortunately ended five months later on June 2, 2014, when she succumbed to the disease.

However, Finley’s Fight for the environment, which inspired thousands due to her courage and drive, and her foundation to support global environmental causes, continues.

Finley’s Green Leap Forward carries on Finley’s vision by encouraging personal action and by using her guiding principles to select and award annual grants to both local and global efforts that forward global sustainability, of which Cool Earth has been a grateful recipient in recent years.

‘It’s a huge privilege for Cool Earth to have been supported by Finley’s Green Leap Forward.

What an extraordinary young woman and what an extraordinary legacy to be a part of. Today we are planting trees in three continents to honour Finley’s memory and follow the best advice we’ve heard: Reach Globally, Engage Locally and Act Personally’. – Matthew Owen, Cool Earth

Finley has moved friends and strangers alike to give back to the environment not only through the Green Leap Forward Fund, but also through personal action. Around the globe, people continue to plant trees contributing to Finley’s Forest and find inspiration through her to make changes to the way they use and reuse resources in their homes and offices.

Cool Earth is honoured to join the global movement of Finley’s forest, planting a Kea Plum tree in a small corner of Cornwall, UK, a stone’s throw from our office in Penryn. This native, local tree, is joining others worldwide and in Cool Earth’s rainforest partnerships in honouring an amazing person with a vision that is coming to life, celebrating Finley’s birthday and furthering her great, selfless, legacy.

Finley's Forest - Kea plum being planted in Cornwall, March 2019

Plaque saying Finley's Forest - Kea plum being planted in Cornwall, March 2019


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