April 18, 2019

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Cloud forest, jungle, rainforest.

However it’s known, there’s no denying that these ecosystems are among our most vital on Earth. Our greatest carbon-storing, animal-homing and people-supporting wonders, life on our planet could not be sustained as we know it without the riches of rainforest.

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Although they cover just 7% of the world’s land area, rainforest plays the greatest role in the health of our planet. Due to the tropics’ climate and soils, rainforest is extremely diverse and carbon-rich and home to some of the richest and most incredible wildlife on Earth. As such they are our greatest natural carbon sequesters and by some estimates, they store up to a third of the worlds manmade carbon emissions.

However, without immediate action to keep these areas protected, we may not see these incredible rainforests past the turn of the century.

And if they are degraded and deforested any further, we run the risk of a wipeout of biodiversity and the end of indigenous cultures around the tropics.

By supporting Cool Earth with a regular donation today, you can not only keep rainforest standing but also help us scale up our work around the world. Use your money in the most effective way possible, and keep biodiversity-rich habitats standing strong long-term.



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