August 19, 2020

Cool Earth Illustration Competition 2020 | #WearYourArtOnYourSleeve

Thank you for joining in our illustration competition – we look forward to sharing the winning entries soon.

By entering our #WearYourArtOnYourSleeve illustration competition, your designs could be featured on t-shirts, totes and prints in our online shop, raising funds to protect rainforest and worn by our supporters around the world.

Have you got a design in mind that can help reduce deforestation? We’d love you to get creative and celebrate rainforest – pick up a pen and get creative for a cause.

Design Brief 

Cool Earth’s #WearYourArtOnYourSleeve competition is free to enter and open to all artists, designers and illustrators to submit designs until 30 August 2020.

Whether it’s a drawing, doodle, sketch or slogan, go for what you think would look great on a T-shirt or tote bag and get people talking about Cool Earth.

The brief is simple, take your inspiration from rainforest wildlife and trees, climate change or saving our planet. You are welcome to submit more than one design if you are bursting with ideas!

Once we have selected our favourites, we will notify all artists and post the winning designs across our social channels.

Designs will go on sale at our Cool Earth x Teemill online store in the autumn across a range of t-shirts, totes and prints, promoted by Cool Earth and the winning artists across digital channels.

Supporting Designers

Artists receive 25% of sales profits from products featuring their design, with the remaining 75% of profits donated to Cool Earth’s rainforest conservation work.

Designs will remain the property of the artist and will not be reproduced for any other purposes outside of this project, unless independently agreed.


As a climate charity, we work to be as sustainable as possible when raising funds. By partnering with Teemill, our T-shirts and totes are organic, printed with plant-based inks and made by employees earning a fair wage.

Best of all, there is zero waste as T-shirts are printed to order. You can even return your T-shirt to Teemill at the end of its life to be recycled into new products. To find out more about Teemill’s sustainable approach to fashion, please visit

Design Specifications

Please read the design specification carefully before submitting your design.

  1. We ask that all submissions are the artist’s original designs. The content you submit must be owned by you and does not violate, misappropriate or infringe another person’s intellectual property rights.
  2. Resolution – Your design should be uploaded in high resolution, we recommend 300dpi. The size of the design should be no larger than 29 x 39cm.
  3. Colour Mode – The design should be for a white t-shirt print. You should upload your designs in sRGB colour mode. A DTG (Direct-to-garment) artwork chart can help with colour selection to offer as close a colour match as possible, but this is not guaranteed.
  4. Background – Save your design onto a transparent background so it blends seamlessly with the garment.
  5. File type – Designs should be saved in PNG file format.
  6. Detail/ Scale – If your design has fine detail, you need to make sure all line-work or text is wider than 2mm. If it is less than 2mm, the printing technology will struggle to pick up the detail and parts of your design could be missing or blurred.
  7. Colour effects – DTG Printers cannot print opacities or transparencies so it is important to ensure the opacity of your graphic is at 100%. Fades and glows can be problematic in DTG printing.Please avoid including neons and metallics in your designs.
  8. Filename – The filename of your artwork must include your name, for example, ‘Tree_Illustration_Your_Name.png’.

Feel free to share your designs on social media and tag us with #wearyourartonyoursleeve.


Thank you for joining in our illustration competition – we look forward to sharing the winning entries soon.


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