Pollada: The Party that Saves Rainforest

In Peru, if you need cash in a crisis, you invite your friends round for chicken and beer. They come armed with money and their best moves.

Peruvians call it pollada. We call it a great way to save rainforest.

Cool Earth’s first partnership was with the Asháninka village of Cutivireni in the Peruvian Amazon.

Ten years ago the community found itself at a crisis point.

With no money for medicine or food, the village received a cash offer for their trees. It was low, far less than the trees were worth. The Asháninka were desperate not to lose their forest, but they didn’t see any other option. That’s where Cool Earth came in. Not with chicken and beer, but with cash.

By providing funds that the community as a whole could use to invest in what they needed most, Cool Earth gave Cutivireni another choice. To turn away the loggers and continue to live and thrive in their beautiful rainforest home.

Ten years on and one village has become over a hundred.

Cool Earth now partners with local people in all three of the world’s major rainforest biomes and has a million acres of rainforest under protection.

We don’t want to stop there. There are villages all over the world queuing up to partner with us. But we need your help. This summer, we need you to channel your inner Peruvian and throw a party that saves rainforest.


Everything you need ...and then some

We want your Pollada to go with a bang. So here's where you can download everything you need to throw a party that saves the rainforest. From posters to bunting and social posts, easy as 1-2-3.

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