May 20, 2021

World Bee Day 2021

Beekepers tending to a hive in Namuli

Today is Bee Day. We could have rattled off countless, eye-roll worthy puns, jokes and wordplay, but where would that get us? 

You wouldn’t know about Cool Earth beekeeping projects happening globally right now or the hives that get people out of the red, and into the green. 

You wouldn’t know how vital bees are for biodiversity and in turn, the health of the planet. 

You wouldn’t know how people have empowered themselves to financial resilience, helped by hundreds of virtual gift beehives bought by people like you.

Investing in beekeeping gives rainforests a chance to thrive. Local and indigenious people, backed by beautiful bees, can tend and nurture their land to create sustainable incomes and fight back against climate induced financial pressures.

Bees; good for people, good for trees and good for fighting the climate crisis.

If you came here looking for puns, buzz off and buy a hive.


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