Are you still scratching your head trying to think of a way to raise £500 for Cool Earth?

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Luckily for you, we’ve cooked up the perfect way to have fun and save the rainforest.

In Peru, if you need cash in a crisis, you invite your friends round for chicken and beer. They come armed with money and their best moves.

Peruvians call it Pollada, we call it a great way to save the rainforest.

Watch the video, marvel at our bright idea, download the resources and away you go.

Job’s a goodun.

Remember the competition?

How could you forget. If you have a sieve for a brain here’s a reminder.

Use Pollada to launch your fundraising into the stratosphere and find yourself in the Peruvian Amazon in no time.

Grab your friends, take over your mum’s back garden or head to the local park, and throw the best rainforest saving party the world has ever seen.


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