A group of people in their home of Wabumari in Papua New Guinea.

Rainforest Resilience Fund

Emergency support for communities through the Covid-19 crisis.

The Covid-19 pandemic is the latest threat to households and habitats in the rainforest. But unlike droughts, loggers, typhoons and floods, coronavirus is hitting every rainforest community simultaneously. Supply chains are broken, fresh food prices have tripled and misinformation is spreading fast.

Cool Earth’s long term focus will always be on building livelihoods, but for now, requests for emergency aid have come from almost every one of our partner communities. With your support, we are committed to getting help to every family that needs it. Essential supplies of food and hygiene equipment are needed immediately to keep people safe and healthy, along with resources like seeds and tools to prepare for the coming months.

How we’re helping

1. Food for Families

We’re supporting local partners to get urgent food supplies to indigenous and isolated communities.

2. Stop the Spread

Right now a bar of soap is a super power. Cleaning products, protective masks and gloves will help reduce the spread of disease.

3. Plan for the future

Seeds and tools will help improve food security in the months to come. Funding will also keep local businesses supported.


A lack of oxygen, medicines, and personal protection equipment puts the lives of the Awajún people at risk.

The spread of Covid-19 across Amazonian indigenous territories is now a reality, with the number of cases increasing every day. Since the pandemic began, many indigenous communities have closed their territories, self-isolated and worked with local organisations to ensure food sovereignty and obtain medical supplies. Despite this, they need our help.

Face Masks