We’re ending 2020 full of optimism and hope. That’s because, through everything, two things have stayed the same.

Rainforest remains our greatest natural resource, and supporting local experts is the best thing we can do to help stop the climate crisis.

Indigenous and rainforest communities remain resilient despite the threats of Covid-19 and climate change affecting their loved ones and their livelihoods.

Your committed support to Cool Earth, combined with local knowledge and determination, is now keeping thousands of hectares of rainforest protected.


Make It Count Jaime, Peru Combining the latest technology with indigenous Asháninka traditions, Jaime’s knowledge is essential in helping Cool Earth understand the intricacies, challenges and opportunities of forest protection. Driven to help future generations, Jaime goes above and beyond to ensure his community do all they can to protect the forest that protects them.
Make It Count Nicky, Papua New Guinea Utilising technology like camera traps to monitor wildlife and data collection to assess carbon stocks, Nicky works relentlessly to protect Wabumari’s forest. As a biodiversity officer, he is passionate about supporting the community in their aim to become a research hub to provide local incomes, protect wildlife and keep forest standing strong.
Make It Count Ruthy, Papua New Guinea Ruthy’s enthusiasm that everyone should have access to an education is evident. Having recently been part of an adult literacy programme, she now works as a Biodiversity Officer within the Papua New Guinea team. Ruthy goes above and beyond for rainforest protection, and is a shining example of the power of education to open up opportunities.
Make It Count Sim, Cambodia It’s the focus of women like Sim that means that chicken husbandry programmes are flourishing. Supported by local partner organisation FFI, Sim and many others are now more financially resilient, have a greater say within their household and communities, and are provided with a much-needed source of protein for them and their families.


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