Pollada FAQ

How does hosting a Pollada protect rainforest?

As with all charities, we rely totally on our generous donors to fuel our forest-saving work. And with ambitions to partner with many more rainforest communities around the tropics, we need funds to reach and support these partnerships.

Funds from Cool Earth’s supporters are passed on to communities to spend on whatever they need the most. Usually, investing in sustainable livelihoods is at the top of the list, along with improvements in health, education, and forest monitoring.

With villages queuing up to work with us, you can help us reach more people, and find the best ways to preserve more forest.

Why is there a chicken in the design? Aren’t chickens bad for the rainforest?

Here at Cool Earth, we love meat-free – and are aware of the impact that all kinds of diets have on the environment. Pollada is based on a Peruvian tradition, and translates as chicken party. In fact, one of the members of the Awajun community in Peru suggested that we use this as a way to fundraise in the UK and beyond. We took great care therefore to ensure our branding, and message, was true to the Peruvian culture, style and tradition. All too often, campaigns are ‘westernised’ and lose their original, true meaning. As it was offered to us, we were keen to avoid this.

Therefore, we used colours and patterns from Peru, and a little funky chicken. We did think long and hard about whether to use the chicken in our designs for Pollada. In the end, we decided to give him centre stage.

Our objective for this campaign was to get people together to raise money and awareness about the importance of saving rainforest. If a debate is sparked about the role agriculture plays in that, then that’s great.

How can vegetarians get involved?

In Peru, it’s chicken and beer that bring people together to raise cash. But this doesn’t mean you have to eat meat. Or drink beer for that matter. We have been sure to create a page of lovely vegetarian alternatives and non-alcoholic cocktails so everyone can get involved. It goes without saying that Cool Earth recommends using local, free range, organic produce.

The main aim of Pollada is to bring family and friends together to eat food and fundraise to save rainforest. Whatever food you prefer, by raising cash we can keep acres standing.

Do I have to set up a campaign page?

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to throw a forest-saving fiesta. By setting up a page for your event here, it’s a great way of explaining why you’ve been inspired to get involved, setting a fundraising goal, see who has donated and stops people forgetting cash on the night. But if you’d rather collect the cash in a pot then and there, no fear. Get in touch at [email protected] for Cool Earth’s bank details or other ways to transfer the funds.

How do I get started?

That’s the spirit. Click here to register and receive your own Pollada event pack and spice mix to kick-start your forest saving fiesta.

Drop us an email at [email protected] if you need any help or just to tell us how great those mocktail recipes are.

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