Milne Bay Province

Papua New Guinea is a country of incredible diversity. Nearly 1000 languages are spoken. Over three-quarters of the country is covered in the world’s third-largest rainforest, sheltering more undiscovered species than anywhere on Earth.

Without action, advancing palm oil plantations, corruption and logging are threatening this forest. It is poised on the brink of disaster. Once destroyed, it can take hundreds of years for rainforest to regenerate.

In Milne Bay Province in eastern Papua New Guinea, Cool Earth is working alongside the villages of Gadaisu, Wabumari and Sololo, a total population of 652 people, protecting hundreds of acres of rainforest.

We’re aiming to reduce deforestation within the partnership areas while improving community incomes. Putting people first, as in Peru, but using different approaches suitable to local culture and traditions. A community-led approach helping to protect rainforest around the world.

Where We Work

Milne Bay Province

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Cool Earth | Aerial drone footage of rainforest in Papua New Guinea

“The forest is very important to us. It’s where we find our means and ways of living. If we have no forest, we won’t be surviving.  I am very pleased and proud of Cool Earth. Cool Earth will do its best for the community.”

Wendy Sema, Gadaisu Village


Our Ashaninka Project in central Peru is working alongside 15 villages to form a shield to halt the advance of logging and protect millions of acres of pristine rainforest.

  • Location Central Peru
  • Threat Logging, Cocaine
  • Livelihood Focus Cacao, Coffee
  • Population 2,151
  • Visit project

Our first project outside of the Amazon is working with 5 villages in eastern DR Congo to form a buffer for two neighbouring national parks.

  • Location DR Congo
  • Threat Mining
  • Livelihood Focus Agroforestry
  • Population 12,900
  • Visit project

Located in one of Peru's worst deforestation hotspots, we're partnering with 6 Awajun villages to defend their vunerable forest.

  • Location Northern Peru
  • Threat Logging, Extraction
  • Livelihood Focus Fish Farms, Seed Jewellery
  • Population 2,213
  • Visit project

Helping three villages turn down the off of a palm oil contract to prevent 140,000 acres of primary forest being converted into monoculture

  • Location Papua New Guinea
  • Threat Palm Oil
  • Livelihood Focus Coconut Oil
  • Population 270
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Strengthening the capacity of six villages in PNG's Highlands so they are best placed to make decisions on the future of their forest.

  • Location Papua New guinea
  • Threat Logging
  • Livelihood Focus Smoked fish, eaglewood resin
  • Population 1,975
  • Visit project
Orangerie Bay

Of all the drivers of deforestation, palm oil is the worst. An ecosystem that has taken millions of years to evolve is destroyed in a matter of days.

  • Location Papua New guinea
  • Threat Palm Oil
  • Livelihood Focus Smoked fish, eaglewood resin
  • Population 1,975
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