Located in Milne Bay Province, the forests of Sololo are under threat. A lack of education and resources have left the community unable to protect their trees from the expansion of palm oil plantations and logging.

When word spread from Cool Earth’s neighbouring Gadaisu partnership of an organisation that was helping them to protect their forest, Sololo were determined to form a partnership of their own. Key community members reached out to Cool Earth with the hope to do just that. 

Rainforest communities often face barriers to progress that must be addressed before effective conservation can take place. In Sololo, the lack of education and high illiteracy rates had left the community vulnerable to exploitation and unable to develop sustainable income sources.

Cool Earth continues to work with Sololo to address these challenges. Empowered, self-sustaining communities will help ensure forest is protected from external threats and plans can be made for the future that benefits people and the forest.

I am privileged to attend the adult literacy class. I am happy and eager to learn new things. […] After I finished this school, I want to continue my education, I want to go on doing more life skills training to equip myself to do better in my community’ – George Jerry, Sololo



  • A lack of education ​not only ​limits employment in Sololo​, but is a barrier to realising the communities development aims​. Helping to improve literacy rates aims to alleviate poverty and provide financial resilience.
  • Logging for timber is a rising threat to local rainforest, harming wildlife habitat and the carbon stored in rainforest.


Planned outcomes

Illiteracy is not just a lack of basic skills, it’s the deprivation of a chance to decide people’s own futures.

Being able to read and understand proposals from loggers will help both women and men to make shared decisions about their land without elite capture. It aims to ensure people are equipped with the skills required to decide collectively how to manage their land and protect their forest. 

Cool Earth | Aerial drone footage of rainforest in Papua New Guinea
“I love living in Sololo because that’s my land and out of my land I survive. My garden feeds us and my produce I take to market to make small income for my family” - Ruth, Sololo.

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