Rainforest Partnerships


Please note that Cool Earth is not accepting new Rainforest Partnership applications at this time. With the Covid-19 crisis now having a huge impact on our partner communities, we are focusing our efforts on supporting them with urgent aid during the pandemic so that they can continue to keep their rainforest standing. We hope to be able to start supporting new communities, partners and projects again in the near future.

Cool Earth works with communities and organisations that have lived alongside forest for generations and know that the key to their future is keeping the forest standing, but need a helping hand to protect it.

We are looking for small, local NGOs to partner with who have the local experience and knowledge to protect forest and support communities, but need help when it comes to funds. We can also offer additional help from organisational capacity building and communications support, to knowledge exchange and networking. We’re reliant on pro-active people and organisations like you to get in touch so we can help.

Whether we’re the right fit for you or not, huge thanks from all of us at Cool Earth for checking us out.


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Cool Earth’s Approach

Cool Earth works with local communities around the world. Organisations working with communities as well as the communities themselves are welcome to apply to partner with Cool Earth.

Click here to download our Eligibility Checklist

Cool Earth does NOT:

  • buy land
  • work with individuals or organisations who are not associated with a local or indigenous community
  • invest in projects which are only community development focussed without a connection to or aim to protect local forests

The Application Process

To ensure all applications are treated responsibly and that communities most in need of Cool Earth’s help are prioritised, the process from initial application to partnership is rigorous and can take time.

A typical application process has several stages and can take around six months to complete, depending on the project. During any of these stages, an application may be judged unfeasible for Cool Earth to pursue. Equally, an applicant may choose to withdraw their application at any stage.

4 Due Diligence Cool Earth will ask for more detailed and in-depth information on your organisation, including references and legal documents, as part of this process.
5 Partnership Agreement If the proposal and due diligence checks are successful, a Memorandum of Understanding can be signed and the partnership begins.

If you have any questions, please email: [email protected]

Rainforest Partnerships

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