A wood cladded, coastal house on stilts sits has a beautiful red and orange sunset behind it. There are trees that are silhouetted and you can just make out a small cooking fire burning with two people gathered around it. The image feels peaceful.

Milne Bay Province

Community, culture, and collaboration in the heart of New Guinea rainforest, the third-largest rainforest in the world.

This beautiful (and remote) 60,000-hectare area of New Guinea rainforest is home to less than a thousand Milne Bay Province residents. All of which protect rainforest just by being there.

We work with communities in three villages: Gadaisu, Sololo and Wabumari. People that live here have done so for thousands of years. Their knowledge is crucial in the fight against the climate crisis.

Milne Bay communities inspire us by tackling threats to ensure the greatest carbon sinks on Earth stay that way.

Forest Solutions

Our work with clans in the Milne Bay Province area creates choice. A choice to protect rainforest in the face of financial and climate pressure.

Radical Solutions

Climate action and cash-driven initiatives that benefit people and fight the climate crisis.

Radical Solutions