Cookie Policy

No, you can't eat them. Sorry.

A cookie is a tiny element of data that our site can send to your browser, which enables the server to collect information from the browser and may then be stored on your hard drive. This small amount of information does not contain any private information stored on your computer. For more information about the specific cookies Cool Earth uses please see the list below. For more information about cookies in general, please go to

The Cool Earth Action website uses cookies to identify you when you visit the website and to keep track of your browsing patterns, including how you came onto the site, and build up a demographic profile. This data is anonymous in that it is not linked to any other data we hold about you. However, if you create an account then we may link this data with your account and record in our CRM database. Our use of cookies also allows registered users to be presented with a personalised version of the site, carry out transactions and have access to information about their account.

You can access our website without disclosing your personal data but if you set your web browser to disable cookies altogether, this will restrict your use of the website.


Cool Earth Cookies

Name: _cfduid
Expiration: 1 Year
Purpose: Unique anonymous identifier by CloudFlare to ensure a client’s security settings are maintained, for example if at a coffee shop on a public WiFi, the browser would stay trusted.

Name: _atuvc & _atuvs
Expiration: 2 Years & 30 Minutes respectively
Purpose: Cookies for the social sharing platform AddThis, it makes sure the shares and like counters are updated in real time.

Name: paymentTypeURI
Expiration: 1 Year
Purpose: Allows us to select the correct payment processor based on a URL parameter and persist that processor choice throughout sessions.

Expiration: Session only (only for duration of site visit)
Purpose: This allows the server to link variables stored server side with the browser, for example, keeping you logged in once you’ve logged in.

Name: woocommerce_cart_hash
Expiration: Session only
Purpose: As the contents of your cart is stored on the server, this allows the site to match your cart with you.

Name: woocommerce_items_in_cart
Expiration: Session only
Purpose: Simply an identifier of whether there are items in your cart or not.

Name:  wp_woocommerce_session_{unique_url_hash}
Expiration:  48 Hours
Purpose:  To maintain the cart of guest customers who do not have an account.

Name: localStorage.gauid
Expiration: Persistent
Purpose: Allows us to identify the source of donations by linking the contact with Analytics.

Name: wordpress_logged_in_{unique_url_hash}
Expiration: Session only
Purpose: Secure session cookie to identify to the CMS that use user is logged in.

Name: wordpress_test_cookie
Expiration: Session only
Purpose: Cookie set to test if cookies are enabled.

Name: _ga
Expiration: 2 Years
Purpose: Unique anonymous identifier for Google Analytics to identify current and returning visitors on a long term basis.

Name: _gid
Expiration: 24 Hours
Purpose: Unique anonymous identifier for Google Analytics to identify current and returning visitors on a short term basis.

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